Declaw Home Care

These are some of the most common things to be aware of after your cat has been de-clawed.

1. Exercise: Restricting exercise is difficult. However, you should prevent your cat from jumping as much as possible for the first 5 days.

2. Bleeding: Occasionally a cat breaks open one of the small scabs where the nailbed was removed. A few drops of blood followed by rapid cessation of bleeding is normal. This may appear like a great amount especially if the cat shakes its paws. Confining your in a small room or pet carrier usually stops the blood flow within 15-20 minutes. Call our office if bleeding persists.

3. Litter: Remove normal clay or sand litter and replace it with newspaper strips or other similar litter substitutes for 7 days so not to embed litter into the wound. Some cats may not like the transition and may seek an alternate spot. This is usually temporary until the normal litter can be used again.

Notify us if Any of the Following Occur:
* Your cat’s feet appear swollen or bleed frequently.
* Your pet is reluctant to walk after 48 hrs.
* There is a change in your cat’s general health or behavior.

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