Heartworm After Care

Your dog has been treated with medication to kill heartworms. It is important for you to follow these guidelines for post-treatment care. If you do not, you place your dog’s health at risk.

1. Strict rest for two months:

a. no roughhousing, no running, no exercise
b. Short walks, on a leash to relieve itself is allowed

2. Feed your dog a normal diet

a. Remember that reduced exercise means fewer calories to maintain

3. Use medications as directed

4. If any of the following occur, please call the clinic:

a. Severe coughing
b. Coughing up blood
c. Lethargy, listlessness or collapse
d. Loss of appetite

5. Do not pat, rub or push along lower back due to injection site sensitivity.

6. Follow-up Visit

a. Give second and third heartworm treatment 30 days after first
b. Restart Heartworm prevention 30 days after last treatment
c. Do heartworm test 4 months after last treatment

7. Call if you have any questions or concerns

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