Surgery Discharge

The care your pet receives when he or she goes home after any surgical procedure is critical to a good recovery.

Your pet has undergone general anesthesia and may still be groggy and a bit uncoordinated. You should limit and supervise his/her activity for several days. Provide a warm, quiet place for your pet to recover.

Anesthesia can make some animals nauseated, so do not give any food or water for at least 2 hours after you get home. At this time offer a small amount of water. If no vomiting occurs after waiting 30 minutes, offer a very small meal. If he/she should vomit, hold food and water for 6-8 hours. If vomiting continues into the next day, please telephone the clinic. If he/she does not want to eat, do not be alarmed, interest in food and water usually returns within 24 hours.

Unless otherwise instructed, the surgery site requires no special attention. If you should notice redness, swelling or drainage from the wound or your pet is bothering the site, contact our office. Usually a small amount of licking at the area is not harmful, but some pets will become obsessive or destructive toward the surgical wound.

Most of our surgical patients are anesthetized with gas anesthesia. This can sometimes cause irritation in the throat area and you may notice some coughing which is normal. If the coughing persists for more then 48 hours, please telephone our office.

Specific Instructions:

 Sutures to be removed in 14 days.

 Bandage(s) to be removed in _____ days.

 Recheck in _____ days.

 Misc. ____________________________

Please Do Not Hesitate to call if you have any questions.

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