Endosorb 1.5 g Tablets

Endosorb works by helping to absorb toxins and toxic material in your pet’s gut, cramps and other unpleasant signs associated with diarrhea and other minor intestinal discomfort.


Help your dog feel better when he suffers from digestive troubles by using Endosorb. These easy-to-feed tablets support the digestive system, helping to relieve uncomfortable intestinal symptoms, including diarrhea. 

Key Benefits

  • Aids in the relief of digestive issues, such as diarrhea.
  • May help alleviate other abdominal symptoms accompanied by diarrhea, such as cramping and discomfort.
  • Works to absorb toxins in your pet’s gut.
  • Comes in an easy, oral tablet that you can hide in a pill pocket or wet food.

Precautions                                                                                                                                      For oral use only. Not a substitute for antibiotic or comprehensive medical treatment of the underlying diseases that cause diarrhea. Use under health care professional supervision. Endosorb Tablets should not be given to pets who are allergic to ACE inhibitors. Pregnant or nursing females should not take Endosorb Tablets. Use this medication with caution in pets with kidney disease.

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